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Blue Dolphin Swimming offers a variety of services to our swimmers that you simply do not get ANYWHERE else. Just another reason why the Blue Dolphins are the Team that can't be Beat!


A Team Practice suit is provided free of charge to all swimmers after atending their first swim meet. We currently supply FastBack suits for girls and SpeedLine Briefs for boys. This material is designed to last a year or longer.


Our club offers instruction to the swimmers using an underwater speaker. This system allows our coaches to give immediate feedback to swimmers while they are practicing rather than waiting for the swimmers to finish an entire set. The result is significantly improved stroke technique which results in significantly faster swimmers. In addition our team utilizes an underwater video system for analyzing stroke technique. This is the same system used by Olympic caliber training camps. Our coaches are specialists in video stroke analysis and can use these tools to improve your swimmer's abilities to their fullest potential. No other club can offer a program like this!


Blue Dolphin Swimming promotes its unique brand of swimming instruction across the United States and across the world. We encourage our swimmers to see new places and experience new cultures as often as possible. To help make this a reality, Blue Dolphin Swimming encourages its swimmers to attend international clinics and meets. Many of these meets are subsidised by the team based on attendence.

In addition we teach other coaches and swim teams around the world our unique swimming methods. Swimmers are encouraged to come along to these clinics whenever possible.

Some restrictions may apply.


We know that a lot of kids have more team spirit than they know what to do with. In an effort to pay them back, when funds are available, Blue Dolphin Swimming will cover all costs of any swimmer that decides to support the team by getting a "Blue Dolphin" mohawk. What is a Blue Dolphin Mohawk you ask? Simply shave a dolphin into each side of your head, then completely remove the rest of the hair on each side leaving a single line of long hair down the middle from front to back. Spike that up in the air and dye it blue and there ya go - a "Blue" - "Dolphin" mohawk. We've had MANY swimmers show their team spirit even without a scholarship. One year our entire eight and under boys relay team took up the mohawk for team spirit.

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