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Our team was established to ensure that any child that wants to swim, CAN swim - Period. For us swimming is more than a sport, it is a passion and it is a way of life. We don't do what we do for the money but because of how it betters each and every one of us and makes for a better community. The life skills that are learned in this sport are simply unequalled in any other! Here you are family.

We have taken many steps over the years to ensure that our program offers the absolute highest caliber of excellence, from our coaching staff to our choice of practice venues to our outstanding services and value. The Blue Dolphins is a team that goes the extra mile. We believe in quality over quantity and therefore often impose temporary enrollment caps to ensure that all swimmers are at the same level of excellence before we begin training new swimmers.

We believe in academic excellence Before athletic excellence. We believe in FLOW over speed and distance. And above all we believe in HONOR and RESPONSIBILITY. We believe in strong kids.

Our goal is simple: To be at least 10% faster on average than any other team in the tri valley area. We continue to take measures to improve everyday. This doesn't mean that we will always have the top kids or the absolute fastest kids, but as a team, we strive to swim above the rest. We believe that talent CAN be taught, and we believe that dreams can come true through science, and hard work.

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